Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When did HMV go wrong?

HMV has finally gone into administration. It seemed inevitable to some. The question though isn't what went wrong but when.

Ask your students what they know about HMV and other record/music stores. The, ask them to talk about how they changed with records, tapes, CDs and DVDs.

When they have discussed the changes for, show them/share the link and let them go through and chat about the pictures from 1937 to 1973 with a partner or group.


Then, show each one and elicit comments.

Afterwards, ask these questions:

1)What were the big changes in the photos?
2)Have music shops changed much since the first photo?

Now, move onto the failure of HMV and ask groups to talk about what they should have done and when. Give them 5 minutes.

Elicit ideas and discuss the following:

Is there any future for high street music shops?
If so, in what form?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Avatar assassins

How do you stop people playing computer games?

Ask your student about how much young people play online games and how it affects them. If they are a parent, ask about their kids. If they are younger, ask them bout how they feel about their online gaming/surfing/SM use.

Next, move onto online worlds like World of Warcraft. Explain what it is and discuss why people become addicted to it. 

Shift the discussion to how this addiction could be decreased or stopped by parents, friends or employers. Elicit and discuss some ideas.

Watch/share the video:

You may want to pre-teach 'hit men'.

Ask for the student's reaction and if such measures are necessary. Compare the effectiveness of this method with the ones you discussed before.

Finally, ask about prevention i.e. how can we stop children and employees becoming addicted in the first place?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A billion

A billion dollars is a lot of money to most of us but not in the tech world.

1)Do a quick class or group brainstorm about the big tech events of 2012.

2)Move the discussion into the most expensive ones.

3)Show/share this site:


4)Put students into groups and give them time to read the pages.

5)Go through each and elicit:

         1)A summary


1)Give each pair on story and ask them to present it and lead a short discussion
2)Set one for homework research followed by class debate
3)Ask groups to plan how to make a billion in one year in the tech world
4)Show slide 1 (a summary) and elicit the stories it mentions.
5)Lead a class discussion about:

How do internet startups become worth a million and a billion dollars?